Do you want a 2 times return on your analytics?  How about a 10 times return?

There’s no silver bullet when it comes to making a strategic impact with your data. No software or tool can do that for you.  It requires the right culture and mindset.

Most organizations have the tools in place to produce analysis, yet many miss out on the strategic value they could be generating from their data.

Being data-driven isn't tied to how much money you spend on technology. It’s about mindset and culture.

My 10x process is based on the idea that getting a 10 times return on analytics is possible if you build a culture that's focused on driving change in a data-driven way. My 10x process is:

  • Outcome driven rather than analysis driven
  • Leverages existing talent, tools, and data
  • Utilizes a ‘Test Before You Invest’ approach
  • Identifies ways to build data assets
  • Emphasizes follow through & results measurement

“Phil’s contributions to the momentum of our analytics program was invaluable. Without the business conversations, focus, and direction he brought, we would have been rudderless.”      

VP Business Analytics – Large Healthcare Payer

“Phil knew how to translate strategic goals into an actionable plan that made sense from the top down. Under his guidance, using a proven approach, he was able to provide us an actionable game plan.”

AVP Business Informatics - Regional Healthcare Payer

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