10x Analytics Assessment

Jump start your journey towards better results with a 10x assessment

A quick and cost-effective assessment that goes beyond technology to identify practical ideas you can implement to generate better results from your data

Do you feel your leaders could deliver better results if the organization made better use of its data? If decision making were more data driven? If there was a more strategic focus for how data was used?

Most providers and payers have people and tools in place to help them produce reports and analysis.  Yet most still struggle to bring all the pieces together, follow through, and take data driven actions that deliver results.  
What types of challenges are holding your organization back? 

  • Are you worried that the organization might not be able to manage your value based contracts in a data driven way?
  • Is your organization on data overload? Overwhelmed by metrics and dashboards yet still unable to get the ‘right’ information?
  • Is your organization struggling to take a data driven approach to innovation and growth?
  • Has your EMR/EHR system made it more difficult to get answers rather than easier?
  • Do you get different answers based on who puts the analysis together?
  • Does it take too long for you to get the information you need to make decisions?
  • minus
    Do you find that sometimes you don’t trust analysis you’re given and it impacts your decision confidence?

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The 10X Difference

Improving your organizations ability to be data driven shouldn’t require a large investment in technology. It’s possible to start your journey by leveraging the talent, data, and tools you already have. That’s what’s different about a 10X Assessment. The process goes beyond technology to evaluate how an organization is using their data and the impact that’s being made. The output of a 10x assessment delivers a set of practical and actionable recommendations that your team can begin implementing right away.

10X Assessment Outputs

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    Ideas to create more value from the data, talent, and tools you already have
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    Recommendations on how to make more strategic use of your data
  • Ways you can use data/analytics to help achieve your strategic goals
  • minus
    Perspectives on the tools & technologies currently being used by your organization
  • minus
    Ideas to improve the creation and management of your data assets
  • Practical recommendations that won’t require a team of consultants to implement

I help healthcare leaders navigate the complexities of data and analytics so they can focus on what’s most important…. caring for patients. With nearly 30 years experience and a proven process, I help client use data to optimize value based contracts, improve quality of care, reduce costs, and grow.

Interested in finding out more about how a 10x Assessment can help?

Let's schedule a quick call to talk about your situation and whether a 10x Assessment
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