When you think about analytics success, what do you picture? What is your mindset? Picturing success in your mind is the key to achieving results according to all the self help gurus I’ve ever read. As proxy for an answer to this question, I did what I always do when my kids ask for help with homework. I asked Google.

It was really surprising how little came up on the topic. But there was an abundance of ‘maturity models’. Seems every major consulting firm and software vendor has at least one of those.

What’s interesting about nearly all of these models is they’re solution based. What I mean is that these models define success by the solutions you implement. The more advanced the solution, the more mature you become. This isn’t terribly surprising when you consider they were developed by the $120B+ data-analytics industry. But it doesn’t really help define success in terms other than solution.

To be fair, not all of this material is bad, but it does re-enforce a very subtle and powerful narrative. That narrative goes something like this; you won’t be successful without investing in (our) data-analytics technology. I’ve personally been involved in truly game changing analytic projects that utilized not much more than spreadsheets and Access DBs, so I know that’s not always true.

Seems to me that what really matters when it comes to analytics is outcomes. A results mindset. Since the Internet let me down on this one, I decided to put together my own talk on the subject. Below is the presentation from that talk. I hope you find it helpful and would enjoy hearing your thoughts and ideas.





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Phil Kelly

Phil Kelly

Managing Partner at iPower Consulting
Phil Kelly is the founder and principal consultant of iPower Consulting. He helps healthcare organizations improve their ability to access and use data. With over 25 years’ experience, he has helped clients be more data-driven, deliver technology solutions faster, and improve collaboration. If you are a healthcare leader and have ideas about how you want to use data in your organization, but aren’t quite sure how to go about it, Phil may be able to help. You can learn more about Phil at www.ipowerconsult.com or contact him directly at 630.219.0047 or phil.kelly@ipowerconsult.com.

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