Want your organization to become excellent 

at using analytics, but are unsure

how to bring it all together?

Learn how to build your analytics platform
so it delivers tangible value over and over again….


If you are a business, analytics, or technology leader you know how difficult it can be to continuously generate value from analytics. Building the capability to solve the right problems and deliver tangible results over and over again requires a complex mix of skills, process, and technology.

From a technology perspective there have never been so many solution choices. You have to sort through a complex, and sometimes confusing, array of options. Solutions like big data, visualization, data mining, and pre-built applications may all hold the potential to generate value for you.

You have to sort through all these choices to identify the right near term and long term mix. And you need a flexible architecture that will make sure all these components will work together.

From a people and process perspective you need people from all across your organization to work together in new ways. Business leaders need to become excellent at choosing the right business problems to target.  Analysts have to become really good at telling stories with data. Technologists have to partner in new ways to create more agile solutions.

And in order to realize hard dollar benefits your organization has to become excellent at follow through. That means fact based analysis and decision making – and focused business change that will generate real results.

Sorting through all the technology options, people and process challenges, and organizational dynamics to build an analytic platform that delivers value over and over again can be very challenging. 


This is where Value Driven Analytics™ comes into play.

Value Driven Analytics™ is a proven set of frameworks, tools, and techniques designed to help clients consistent produce results from analytics.  I utilize these tools to help clients target the right business problems, design the best operating model for their situation, and improve the results they get from analytics.


Analytics Capability Plan

As part of the Value Driven Analytics™ framework, the Analytic Capability Plan is for clients who want to be sure they have all the people, process, technology, and data capabilities they need to be successful. 

Using my Value Driven Capabilities Model™ to evaluate current capabilities, a complete review of existing technology, people, and process is conducted.

Based on near and long term business needs, the Value Driven Capability Model is also used to define a future state operating model.   This operating model includes a conceptual solution architecture, technology model recommendations, and specific skill, process, and organizational recommendations.

To help make recommendations more actionable they are organized into a set of projects that are designed to be included as part of your Analytics Roadmap.


The Analytic Capability Plan is modular and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.  The most common options include:

Current State Capability Assessment is for clients who want an independent assessment of their current analytic people, process, and technology delivery capabilities. The assessment includes key findings as well as recommendations to improve your analytic delivery capabilities.

Analytic Capability Operating Model Design is for clients who want to develop a more detail design of their analytic delivery operating model. The operating model design includes a facilitated process to design specific roles, organizational structures, and responsibility matrices.

Analytic Capability Plan is for clients who want to evaluate their current capabilities and design their future state operating model. The capability plan includes a conceptual solution architecture, technology model recommendations, and specific skill, process, and organizational recommendations.