Are you confident you can keep your business leaders

engaged as you build out your long term vision?

Discover how to deliver near term value without
sacrificing your long term vision.….


If you are a business, analytics, or technology leader you know how challenging it can be to balance the near term and long term demands of your analytics program. Your business has immediate needs, yet the technology needed to meet those needs often takes significant time and money to implement.

Ideally you want to be delivering incremental value throughout the process of building your analytics platform. This is especially important early-on when you need to establish the credibility. Credibility and interest are critical in the near term for success in the long term.

This means your analytics roadmap needs a mix of traditional technology projects and accelerator projects that are less dependent on major technology investments. And to build momentum with your business leaders, all these projects have to be connected to value.  Value outcomes that will make an impact and generate enthusiasm.

Not only does your roadmap have to deliver compelling value but it also has to build towards your long term vision. That means you need a plan that will advance your technology capabilities as well as your people and process capabilities.

Your roadmap has to balance all these competing dynamics AND be practical enough that you can execute it and be successful.


This is where Value Driven Analytics™ comes into play.

Value Driven Analytics™ is a proven set of frameworks, tools, and techniques designed to help clients consistent produce results from analytics.  I utilize these tools to help clients target the right business problems, design the best operating model for their situation, and improve the results they get from analytics.


Analytics Roadmap

As part of the Value Driven Analytics™ framework, the Analytics Roadmap is for clients who want to be confident their plans will deliver value in the near term while also building out their long term vision.

As part of the Analytics Roadmap, projects are broken down into more discreet pieces that are grouped into iterations. Each iteration is sequenced so they build one upon the another to build your long term vision.

Separate work streams for analytics, data integration, process development, and organization are also defined so that everything is brought together into a consolidated roadmap.

The overall budget, scope, and timeline is balanced to ensure a practical and achievable plan that you can be successful in implementing.

Because every business is moving and changing, the roadmap also includes projects to re-prioritize your Analytic Opportunity Portfolio and re-balance the roadmap plan at regular intervals.