Do you know analytics can make a big impact

but aren’t getting the results you need?

Discover a proven approach to getting
tangible and consistent results from your analytics….


As a business, analytics, or technology leader you likely know how challenging it can be to get tangible results from your data and analytic investments. 

Maybe you’ve already invested in technology with the promise of results that didn’t happen.  Or maybe you’ve read all the hype and want to understand exactly how analytics will bring you value before moving forward. 

Perhaps you’ve already had success with analytics but now want to take it to the next level.  Whatever your situation, generating consistent value from analytics is a critical ingredient for success.

If you really want to get consistent value from analytics it means you have to get really good at focusing on the right business problems.  It’s not just about what’s worked or not worked for others in your industry.  It’s about solving the business problems that will make the most impact in your business environment. 

You also need to build your organization’s ability to become excellent at using analytics.  

Your technologists have to focus more on how data will be used in decision making.  Your analysts have to learn how to tell stories using data while facilitating executive decision making.  Your business leaders need to believe in the business change required to get to hard dollar results.

And of course your organization has to learn to do this over and over again in order to consistently produce results.

So it’s important to have a practical blueprint that will get you there.  One that brings it all together and puts results at the center of your analytics program. 

That’s what Value Driven Analytics™ is all about.

VDA Banner3Value Driven Analytics™ is a proven set of frameworks, tools, and techniques designed to help clients consistently produce results from analytics.  I utilize these tools to help clients target the right business problems, design the best operating model for their situation, and improve the results they get from analytics.


Value Opportunity Analysis

Value Opportunity Analysis is for clients who are looking to increase the impact and consistency of their results from analytics.  Working with business leaders to create a portfolio of analytic opportunities, my structured process builds consensus on priorities and helps to create a compelling value proposition.  If you’re just starting out, your value opportunity analysis can also be used as part of the business case justification for your analytics program.


Analytic Capability Alignment

Analytic Capability Alignment is for clients who want to make sure they have all the people, process, technology, and data capabilities they need to be successful.  Using my Value Driven Capabilities Model™ to evaluate your current capabilities, a future state operating model is outlined that’s tailored to your needs.  Recommendations are also provided to help develop the capabilities you need to consistently produce results from analytics.

Analytic Roadmap

The Analytic Roadmap is for clients who want to be more confident in their plans. By breaking larger pieces of work down into iterations, your analytic roadmap will deliver value all along the way. 

Each iteration is designed to build one upon the other bring together the business, technology, and process projects needed for long term success.

Program Leadership

Clients who are embarking into new territory with a critical program often need help to jump start their efforts.  Program leadership provides clients help in assessing their in-flight program, starting up a new program, or filling critical gaps in leadership experience. My program leadership framework will help establish pragmatic processes that will help your program stay on the right track.