Are your leaders interested in analytics

but not clear about the value it will bring?

Learn how to help your leaders consistently
find and deliver value from analytics.….


If you are a business, analytics, or technology leader you know how important it is to get the leaders in your organization excited and engaged in your analytics program.

And nothing engages business leaders like a compelling story about how your analytics program will help grow market share, delight customers, or create a competitive advantage.

But to build that compelling story you need to find business problems that will generate hard dollar value for your company.  You also have to understand what business change is needed to realize that hard dollar value.

Of course all problems are not created equal.  Some problems have more value potential than others. Some are more complex to solve than others.  Some require data you have and some need data you haven’t even thought about yet.

So you need to balance the mix of opportunities over time in order to maximize the value potential and improve your chance for success.  Just like an investment portfolio manager.  This means being very deliberate about the problems you choose to work on so over time you can consistently improve your business.

But most importantly your leaders need to play a central role in writing your story.  Getting real results won’t happen without business change, and business change won’t happen without leaders who believe it will make things better.

This is where Value Driven Analytics™ comes into play.

Value Driven Analytics™ is a proven set of frameworks, tools, and techniques designed to help clients consistent produce results from analytics.  I utilize these tools to help clients target the right business problems, design the best operating model for their situation, and improve the results they get from analytics.

Value Opportunity Analysis

As part of the Value Driven Analytics™ framework, Value Opportunity Analysis is for clients who are looking to increase the impact and consistency of their analytic results.

Using a proven process, business leaders create a portfolio of analytic opportunities they feel have real potential to produce tangible results for the organization.

As part of the portfolio, value potential is defined for each opportunity as well as the key analytics, decisions, and decision stakeholders.  Because business change is so crucial to unlocking value, change is also defined along with potential change barriers that may impact your ability to realize results.

All these factors are then used to drive a structured prioritization process that will build leadership consensus around your analytic priorities.

To help communicate and align your organization on priorities, a value proposition is also created for your analytics program. The value proposition includes future state value, analytic, and data maps that are designed to show progress as your program moves forward.  Many organizations also use these tools to build the business case for their analytic program.


The Value Opportunity Analysis is modular so it can be tailored to meet your specific needs.  The most common options include:

Value Alignment Checkup – a short assessment that delivers recommendations about how your in-flight program can better focus on and deliver real and consistent results

Analytic Value Workshop – a facilitated process that works with leaders to identify strategic business drivers and jump start the build out of your value opportunity portfolio

Value Proposition Build Out – alignment of executives around your program priorities and creation of the value proposition for your analytic program