Life insurance conceptA global insurance broker needed a more fact based understanding of the client base to identify more actionable margin improvement opportunities. The organization had implemented several significant changes to their business operating model that had failed to generate the desired margin improvements.

An activity based prototype of the company’s client base was developed to fact based view of the key profit drivers for the organization. This prototype identified actionable business insights related to client activities, pricing, and service models. To generate these insights in a repeatable fashion, a new analytics platform was built to deliver interactive client profitability analysis and support the go forward analytic needs for the organization.

Key Project Outcomes

  • New client segmentation strategies were implemented
  • Client plans were put in place to adjust pricing and service model and improve client profitability
  • The profitability analytics platform also enabled insurance benchmarking which improved new client acquisition and retention
  • Operating margin improvements of 5% to 10% were achieved in the first 24 months
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Phil Kelly

Phil Kelly

Managing Partner at iPower Consulting
Phil Kelly is the founder and principal consultant of iPower Consulting. He helps healthcare organizations improve their ability to access and use data. With over 25 years’ experience, he has helped clients be more data-driven, deliver technology solutions faster, and improve collaboration. If you are a healthcare leader and have ideas about how you want to use data in your organization, but aren’t quite sure how to go about it, Phil may be able to help. You can learn more about Phil at or contact him directly at 630.219.0047 or

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