If you are a business, analytics, or technology leader you know how important it is for leaders in your organization to be excited and engaged in your analytics program.   

And nothing engages business leaders like a compelling story about how your analytics program will help grow market share, delight customers, or create a competitive advantage.

This is where Value Driven Analyticscomes into play.

Value Driven Analytics™ is a proven set of frameworks, tools, and techniques designed to help clients consistent produce results from analytics.  I utilize these tools to help clients target the right business problems, design the best operating model for their situation, and improve the results they get from analytics.

 Example Client Outcomes


Develop Your Analytics Value Proposition

    • Create an enterprise wide portfolio of potential analytic projects
    • Develop a repeatable process for prioritizing across the organization
    • Create prototypes to demonstrate value
    • Deliver a business value map designed to help communicate progress

Define the Capabilities Needed for Success

    • Assess your current technology, data, process, and organizational capabilities
    • Design your future state technology, architecture, process, and organization model
    • Deliver a plan to implement your future state analytics operating model  

Create a Realistic Data and Analytics Roadmap

    • Develop value driven project charters
    • Create effort and staffing estimates
    • Deliver a roadmap and budget that balances near term and longer term value

Accelerate Your Data and Analytics Delivery

    • Manage the execution of the roadmap
    • Startup your competency center model and overall governance structure
    • Manage you vendor or tool selection process
    • Deliver regular health checks


Example Client Engagements

Concept of medicine. Cross from drugs and stethoscope.
Healthcare Payer Analytics Roadmap

A healthcare payer organization needed help moving from their initial high level EDW strategy to an actionable business focused analytics roadmap


CPG Analytics Strategy and Roadmap
A international consumer packaged goods manufacturer needed an analytics strategy that would leverage their updated ERP platform

Analytics Strategy and Roadmap
A regional health insurance carrier wanted to develop new analytics capabilities that would help them drive medical cost reduction and improve transparency for providers, employer groups, and members