Growing your business isn’t easy.  It requires compelling products that not only solve valuable problems for your customers, but also deliver innovation to differentiate you from your competitors. 

Targeting the best product ideas, with the best chance for success, takes a disciplined and thoughtful approach.

Using my product strategy framework, I guide clients through a market driven discipline from strategy through product delivery. This includes helping clients:

  • Identify their best product idea opportunities
  • Build practical and achievable product roadmaps
  • Ensure that their customers remain at the center
  • Determine the right digital delivery strategy


Example Client Outcomes

Product Strategy & Delivery

    • Optimize your product development function and processes
    • Determine your target markets and products
    • Deliver a long term product roadmap
    • Manage and deliver digital products to market

Digital Strategy

    • Identify the long term digital capabilities needed to achieve your business strategy
    • Design your future state digital architecture landscape
    • Develop a digital roadmap that delivers new business capabilities through digital solutions


Example Client Engagements

Product Development Turn Around

A leading provider of math curricula was having difficulty delivering new products and lacked a long term product strategy and roadmap

P&C Product Refresh
A mid-sized national P&C insurance carrier needed help refreshing its P&C products to improve its competitiveness and flexiblity

Digital Strategy Development
A large healthcare payer needed to transform the digital capabilities of its business unit serving the individual market to meet the requirements of ACA