Vector Transformation. Broken textA global P&C insurance carrier had decided to consolidate and rationalize the IT organizations supporting their North America business units. The consolidated $200M IT organization needed to establish a plan that would identify synergies, achieve cost efficiencies, and establish a single IT culture.

Acting as an interim SVP a new technology management function was established. This new role was responsible for developing an IT transformation strategy and leading a transformation program to consolidate the IT organizations. As part of the transformation an external benchmarking study was conducted to develop a multi-faceted road-map to introduce new best practice disciplines, implement new sourcing strategies, and better leverage technology investments.

Key Project Outcomes

  • Implementation of an infrastructure shared services model; help desk, data center, and disaster recovery
  • Leverage opportunities related to common document management, e-commerce, and business intelligence investments were identified
  • Implementation of best practices such as portfolio management, agile methodologies, and shared architecture capabilities
  • Deployment of a new application development and maintenance model and sourcing strategy
  • Development of a roadmap to achieve 10% to 15% in IT cost efficiencies


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Phil Kelly

Phil Kelly

Managing Partner at iPower Consulting
Phil Kelly is the founder and principal consultant of iPower Consulting. He helps healthcare organizations improve their ability to access and use data. With over 25 years’ experience, he has helped clients be more data-driven, deliver technology solutions faster, and improve collaboration. If you are a healthcare leader and have ideas about how you want to use data in your organization, but aren’t quite sure how to go about it, Phil may be able to help. You can learn more about Phil at or contact him directly at 630.219.0047 or

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