Do you want to feel confident your strategic
programs will deliver on their commitments?

Learn how to ensure transparent and
predictable execution of your strategic programs.….


If you are a business or technology leader you know how important it is that your strategic program is successful. It probably took a lot of work to get all the right people in your organization on board with moving it forward.

Perhaps you’re embarking on something new and your team isn’t quite sure where to begin.  Maybe you’re concerned you may not have all the right skills in-house to start up and lead a new program. Or maybe your program is already underway but seems to heading off track. 

Regardless of your situation, it’s important to have confidence that your program team can pull it all together, execute against their plans, and deliver on their commitments.  

That’s where Program Leadership comes into play.


Program Leadership

Program leadership helps clients in assessing their in-flight program, starting up a new program, or filling critical gaps in leadership experience.

Using my program leadership framework I provide clients with an independent and unbiased view on the status of their strategic programs. 

Working from your vision of success, a practical results-focused game plan is created that will put your strategic program on the right track. 

The most common program leadership options include:

Program Assessment is for clients who want an independent view of their strategic program.  A complete review is conducted to build a perspective of what’s working and what needs improvement.  A practical and actionable plan is created that will help put your program back on track.

Program Start-Up is for clients who are embarking on a new program and need help to jump start their efforts.  Interim program leadership is provided to help implement the program leadership framework and ramp up initial program staffing.

Leadership Augmentation is for clients who want to bring in additional experienced resources to help their current in-house program staff. Leadership augmentation is most commonly used as a bridge while you’re hiring additional in-house staff.